Date: December 11-12, 2021


Twitch.tv/comfycozycon for panels and Cosplay Contest

Comfycozycon.com for the Virtual Artist Alley!

Price: Free!

Covid + Cons = ComfyCozyCon

Attending cons in person is certainly not going to happen in the U.S. any time soon, so online streams are becoming the norm for virtual events. ComfyCozyCon came about because two cosplayers decided to host a Twitch panel on the same day by happenstance. Then one of them got the ridiculous notion in their head that this was enough reason to make a con out of it. And then that cosplayer designed a logo for it. And made an Instagram page for it. And now a website. And here we are.


Ashweez Cosplay, Founder

Ashweez Cosplay is a Texas-based POC cosplayer specializing in sewing, prop-making, and education. She is the one that went a little overboard with the idea of making an entire event out of Twitch streamed panels. She is a multimedia designer who had dreams of guesting and paneling at cons as a cosplayer in 2020. Covid decided that wasn’t going to happen the conventional way; Ashweez decided if cons weren’t going to invite her, she’d just make her own con.

Techno Koopa, Co-Founder

Were it not for Techno Koopa messaging Ashweez about his Semi-Formal Ball Twitch stream being scheduled for the same day, Ashweez would not have had the idea to turn it all into a con. Typically hosted at Animefest annually, the Semi-Formal Ball was hosted at the inaugural ComfyCozyCon in August. Due to Twitch’s DMCA policies, the Winter Ball had to be cancelled and was then replaced with a panel hosted by Techno on how to run your very own convention ball!

Staff Volunteers


Chief of Technology


Social Media Manager

Nerdy Bell

Community Manager


Cosplay Contest Manager & MC

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