Cosplay Contest

Live Stream Sunday, December 12, 2021 6pm Central Time*

ComfyCozyCon 2021 is hosting a cosplay contest! Below you can find information about rules, judges, and our commitment to fairness and inclusivity. Prizes are still being determined. If you would like to become a sponsor and donate a prize, please contact us at ComfyCozyCon(at)

Submissions will be open October 1-November 6!



By entering the ComfyCozyCon Cosplay Contest, you are agreeing to follow all the Convention’s rules. Anyone caught breaking them will be disqualified from the contest. By entering, you also agree to allow the Convention to use your photos/video on the ComfyCozyCon website, social media channels, and during the official Convention live stream.

  • All entries must be age 18 or older.
  • Contestants may use model(s) for their submission.
  • Open to single competitors or groups of up to 3.
  • Open to all skill levels!
  • Entries are limited to cosplays that have not won any previous awards, digital or otherwise.


Submissions will be open from October 1 – November 6, 2021.

To enter, you will be required to fill out a Google Form, linked here starting October 1. You’ll be required to submit the following items:

  • Photos of your completed cosplay
    • 1 full body photo from the front
    • 1 full body photo from the back
    • Full body photos (2) from both side profiles
    • Up to 5 detail photos
  • A 30-60 second video
    • Must not include sound (soundtrack, voice over, etc.) Any videos with sound will have the audio stripped from the file. (Judges will be contributing voice over for the Event.)
    • Can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. However, production value (cinematography, backdrop/location, acting etc) will not be taken into account, as judgement will be based solely on costume construction.
  • A Build Book
    • No word, photo, or page limit. Showcase as many WIP photos and construction notes as you can to tell the judges the full story of your cosplay.
    • Only .doc and .pdf files will be accepted.
    • Reference photos of source material must be included.
    • Graphic design (layout, fonts, color) of the build book will not be judged; only the contents of it.
    • For tips on how to put together a build book, check out Maridah’s blog post “Creating a Winning Contest Portfolio.”

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on craftsmanship, using the following criteria:* 

  • Accuracy: Did the contestant match character(s)’s garments/props/style well? What changes did they make to personalize it and was it done effectively?
  • Polish: Is the construction clean, well-fitted and with good proportions? Do the sewn garments have finished seams? Are connections for armor hidden well? Are foam seams smooth and well-finished?
  • Difficulty: What level were the techniques used and were they executed well?
  • Build percentage: How much of the full costume was made by the contestant? How much was modified? How much was purchased?
  • Impact: This is the “wow” factor of the cosplay. How does it look overall as a complete package? Is it cohesive or disjointed? In what ways did the contestant go above and beyond?

Prizes & Awards

Prizes and sponsors are still being determined! This is an online convention run solely by volunteers, so we are looking for sponsors to donate prizes towards the cosplay contest! If you would like to become a sponsor and donate a prize, please contact us at ComfyCozyCon(at) All sponsors will be promoted on the ComfyCozyCon website and social media.

Number of awards will be determined on total number of submissions. The Judges and Runner can add additional awards at their discretion based on number of submissions. Check back here after submissions close to see the final count!


Depending on the total number of submissions received and overall skill level of entries, contestants will either be placed into separate divisions (Novice, Journeyman, or Master) or placed into one general division with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Entries will be asked during submission to choose the division they feel they are most suited for, but Judges will have the ability to make the final call on what division each entry will be placed in.

Commitment to fairness and inclusivity 

In order to create a welcoming and inclusive contest, we at ComfyCozyCon pledge to not judge contestants on any components outside of their cosplay. This includes: Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability Status, or Socioeconomic Status. Any Judge found to be showing bias towards or against any of these will be removed as Judge, and all points from said Judge will not be accounted for in final scores.

*Details subject to change

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