Cosplay Corner

Cosplay Corner will be making a return in 2021!

Below are cosplayers who attended ComfyCozyCon 2020 Winter Edition and shared with the hashtag #ComfyCozyCos2020!

Nico diAngelo(and guest) ready for #ComfyCozyCos2020#ComfyCozyCon#nicodiangelo#nicodiangelocosplay
We had a ton of fun and are loving these panels and artist alley. @ComfyCozyCon
I’ll take any excuse to show off my mimic cosplay, especially for #comfycozycos2020! Really enjoying #ComfyCozyCon today, check it out if you have the chance!!
#comfycozycos2020 Look how awesome I look thanks to following @pinksunshinecos
‘s panel during @ComfyCozyCon
! I don’t think my make up has ever looked this good, and I feel great!!
Thank you so much to everyone who watched my @ComfyCozyCon
panel! For those of you who were following along with the makeup I can’t wait to see your final looks! As I mentioned during, today I’m giving “Roll With It” Glimmer a shot so here’s how that’s going! #ComfyCozyCos2020
I completely forgot to take a pic of me repping all those artists’ gear (whoops) but I’m in Kaori now in prep for my 6pm panel! Very happy with turnout today! Thanks everyone! #comfycozycos2020
I know it’s not a cosplay, but gotta rep my #comfycozycon tee while modding! #comfycozycos2020
Feeling allll sorts of cute after @pinksunshinecos
panel! Never NOT doing my blush like this again! It looks so cute! Been having so much fun @ComfyCozyCon
! #comfycozycos2020
i’m still a delicate flower, y’know
i’m all cozy as hilda for #comfycozycon today! hope to see you in the chat for our diversity in cosplay panel
This is technically from yesterday but uhh…. (close enough)! Check out the panels AND artist alley today for @ComfyCozyCon
! I just came in to take a break from studying. uwu #comfycozycos2020
is ending so I am going to stream in a little bit. might start streaming before it ends but I won’t actually start playing until the con is over ♡ wearing my pj nora I wore for my panel! #ComfyCozyCos2020
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