Saturday Schedule

Here’s what you can expect for Day 1 ComfyCozyCon 2021! All panels will be hosted on the ComfyCozyCon Twitch channel.

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

All times are in Central Time.


Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ashweez welcomes you to the con and lets you know what to expect during this virtual con!


Virtual Artist Stream

Hosted by Dewfeathers

Dewfeathers Designs creates one of a kind jewelry using resin and high quality thrifted and up-cycled materials. Tune into this stream to see Dewfeathers work on their art!


“YouTube and You: How To Start A Channel

Hosted by Chelle Belle Cosplay

Ever wanted to start your own channel? Come learn how with YouTube creator Chelle Belle Cosplay! We’ll cover it all, including equipment, content creation, engaging your audience, and monetization. Got questions? We’ve got answers.


“Intro to Sewing

Hosted by Lady Cels

This panel will be a basic introduction to the different types of sewing supplies, fabric types, types of stitches both hand and machine, as well as providing sewing resources.


“Gotta Draw Em All: Ash Ketchum Draws Pokemon From Memory

Hosted by Brat Prince Productions

Some call him a Pokemon Master… but Ash Ketchum’s just a Pokemon Disaster! Join Ash Ketchum as he attempts to draw Pokemon from memory (or makes them up, as we’ve never seen anything past Pokemon Johto), and place your bets on or against him to win prizes!


“Cosplay Hacks: More Bang For Your Buck

Hosted by Team Waifu

Ever want to get into cosplay but was scared of it being too costly? Or are you slightly experienced but wish to save some money so you don’t have to live off ramen at your next convention? Lustercandy and Asherrose of Team Waifu are here to help offer some tips and tricks on how to get more bang for your buck with your cosplay! Come grab a snack and join in.


“Cosplaying in Another Country: What is it like?

Hosted by Eria Lowell

Eria Lowell is a cosplayer from Mexico so they’d like to share how they cosplay there. They think it would be a good idea to share how they live cosplay here, where they buy their fabrics, what they do, their cons, etc. Eria has been to different cons in the U.S., and has had a few cultural shocks, so they thought it would be fun to share with people what it’s like to be a cosplayer in another country.


“How To Research Your Cosplay”

Hosted by Inkraven Cosplay

Is your Google-fu not strong enough? Does the idea of going to the (virtual) library for costuming answers confuse you? Beginners and experts alike, rejoice! This panel will explain everything from finding character reference material to understanding the right online tutorials to use. There will be a focus on video game and historian costuming add examples, but these tips and tricks are applicable to all types of costumes!


“Candle Making & Keeping

Hosted by emberworks

emberworks_ will show the candle process step-by-step, provide tips and tricks on how to make your candles last longer, how to upcycle your candle jars/wax, and their personal process of developing their gaming/anime themed candles!


“A Discussion about Mental Health & Creating Content”

Hosted by Lissandela with MrAJCosplay, Mystic Mint, and Tanya Not Zuul

Lissandela hosts a roundtable discussion with MRAJCosplay, Mystic Mint, and Tanya Not Zuul to talk about their experiences with mental health while participating in the cosplay hobby. They’ll talk about the icky feelings that no one likes to really talk about or admit like dealing with jealousy when it comes to mutuals, losing/not placing in cosplay contests and imposter syndrome.


“ComfyCozyCast Live!

Hosted by ComfyCozyCast

First came the con, then came the podcast, now it’s time for the podcast recorded live from the con! Join the hosts of ComfyCozyCast–Ashweez Cosplay, Fairchild Cosplay, and Kaseydidwhat—as they talk about their experiences starting a podcast and any other silly topics they come up with!


Day 1 Closing Remarks

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ashweez summarizes the day’s events and teases what to expect on Day 2 of ComfyCozyCon!

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