Below you’ll find the past schedule for ComfyCozyCon 2020: Winter Edition. All panels were hosted on the ComfyCozyCon Twitch channel. Please be sure to read the Convention Rules.

Download a PDF copy of the schedule here.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

All times are in Central Time


Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ashweez welcomes you to the con and lets you know what to expect during this virtual con!


“Prop Blueprints 101: Learn the Basics of Tracing in Illustrator

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Designing blueprints by hand can be difficult. Ashweez can show you how to do it using Adobe Illustrator so you can take the guess work out of your prop design! She’ll run through the basics and give tips on how to use Illustrator to step up your cosplay!


“From Chemistry to Kawaii”

Hosted by OffBrand & Nerdy Bell

OffBrand and NerdyBell will explore the good, the bad, and the misconceptions of science utilized in selected anime and pop culture references. This isn’t just some random review. They’ll explore biological processes of the human body, the base-ics of chemistry, and the reality of relativity. This won’t be some boring lecture either, but rather an interactive way to learn some new things and become better informed about the world around you. And they wouldn’t be good teachers without a quiz, but with this one, you can earn fabulous prizes instead of just being the teacher’s pet.


“Low Cost-play

Hosted by Chelle Belle Cosplay

Cosplaying on a budget? Chelle Bell Cosplay’s got tips and trick to help you out. From finding wigs to making props, we’ll discuss saving money on every aspect of cosplay–and give you the chance to test your new knowledge!


“Cosplay Fitness and Body Positivity: New Years Edition”

Hosted by Troy Bushido of @Superhero.Forge

Empowered by the heroes he’s seen on screen, Troy went from a shy, socially awkward kid to a martial artist and fitness coach. This panel is meant to SIMPLIFY the weird and complicated world of health and fitness so YOU can be empowered to get into the same shape as the characters you cosplay. Imagine for one moment that your favorite comic, show, video game, or anime was created into a movie or Netflix series (or perhaps it got rebooted), and YOU were cast into the role of your favorite character. Bring the questions about how we would get you ready for the big screen, and we will help you become the hero you were always meant to be.

This will be the same panel as the one Troy hosted at the August 2020 ComfyCozyCon event, but with a focus on New Year’s Resolutions!


“Cosplaying During Covid-19”

Hosted by Bubblywaffo

Learn how to create content using limited resources, low motivation, etc during Covid-19.


“For the Aesthetic: Cosplay Makeup Tips and Tricks”

Hosted by Pink Sunshine Cosplay

Makeup has a mixed reputation. As cosplayers, we can all agree that a good makeup look can really bring your costume to the next level. Join Pink Sunshine Cosplay while she puts on one of her favorite cosplay makeup looks and go over some basic tips she’s picked up over the years.


“Intro to Video Creation for YouTube (and more)

Hosted by Ace of Octagons

Ace of Octagons will talk you through what you need to start making videos on Youtube (or wherever else you desire). He’ll create examples of the types of videos you can make and help you shop for what you’ll need!


“ComfyCozyCon Plushathon!”

Hosted by Kaseydidwhat

Sew along with Kaseydidwhat as she teaches you to make a simple plush! Once you’ve got it down, you can make your own designs!


“Diversity in Cosplay

Hosted by Tanya Not Zuul, Keeksful, Lissandela Cosplay, Wee Lady Lizzy, and Fangirlproductions.cos

A group of POC cosplayers from diverse backgrounds will speak about how they got into cosplay, how they’ve been molded by the world around them, and how they use this hobby as a way to escape and spread happiness.


“Invisibility Quirk! Learn How To Edit in Photoshop to Cosplay Invisible Girl”

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ever wonder how cosplayers cosplay someone invisible? It’s not magic: it’s Photoshop! Join Ashweez as she walks you step by step through her process of cosplaying the Invisible Girl from My Hero Academia.


“You Want to Host a Ball?

Hosted by Burch-Bowser Projects

Are raves at conventions not your thing? Do you want to host a dance with more class? Balls are becoming increasingly popular at anime conventions, but what does it take to host such an event? Join Burch-Bowser Projects as he goes over his experience running a Semi-Formal Ball, the differences in the types of balls and dances, and what you will need to run a successful event.


“Beyond ‘Cosplay Is Not Consent’: Online Conventions

Hosted by Cosplayer Survivor Support Network

In this updated roundtable edition, and joined by streamer RoseofBattle, the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network presents the latest news on harassment in the convention community and how we can better enforce safety in online convention spaces.


Closing Ceremonies

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Closing remarks!

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