Sunday Schedule

Here’s what you can expect for Day 2 ComfyCozyCon 2021! All panels will be hosted on the ComfyCozyCon Twitch channel.

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

All times are in Central Time.


Day 2 Welcome

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ashweez welcomes you to Day 2 of the con!


“Cosplay Photography 101

Hosted by WildSpice

Are you interested in getting into Cosplay photography? Are you a cosplayer looking to work with a cosplay photographer? Join WildSpice, cosplayer and photographer, as we go over the basics of getting into Cosplay Photography & things to consider when booking your first shoot!


“How to Clean Your Cosplay

Hosted by Knovice Cosplay

Techniques for how to make costumes washable will be discussed, as well as instructions for general washing & how to wash costumes that cannot be machine washed


“Reduce Reuse ReCosplay

Hosted by Dewfeathers

Let’s talk about all of the ways we can get creative with thrifting and reusing items for making cosplay!


“Foam 101

Hosted by Lissandela

This panel will be an intro to foamsmithing. Lissandela will go over materials needed (for budgets both tiny and big), rules of safety, and talk about the different types of foam that people will eventually work with.


“Ai Yazawa: Punk Rock, Fashion, and Feels

Hosted by Team Waifu

This panel will go over the works of Ai Yazawa. A josei mangaka known for such beloved works as Paradise Kiss and NANA. Lustercandy and Asherrose of Team Waifu dive into the various influences that shaped her works and defined not only awesome fashion, but strong relationships.


“Body Paint for Dummies: It’s not as scary as it looks!

Hosted by Pink Sunshine Cosplay

Body paint can be an incredible tool to take cosplays to the next level! But to a beginner it can be intimidating. Join a self proclaimed novice at the art to show you that if you don’t pick up a sponge and try, you’ll never know if you don’t like it!


“Cosplay Tea Time Podcast

Hosted by Cosplay Tea Time

Jennifer, Bella, Ruby, J, and Springy of Cosplay Team Time Podcast will discuss what brought about cosplay tea time, what they do during the recordings, and how one can join. Jennifer will moderate and ask the other panelist their experiences.


“Cosplay Showcase”

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

A short showcase of cosplayers! Submit 1-5 photos of your cosplays here! Open to all cosplayers of all locations and skill levels.


“Cosplay Contest

Hosted by Orion, with judges ChibiTifa, Jaye 42, and Stardust Megu

The first ever ComfyCozyCon Cosplay Contest! We’ll showcase all the entries and end with the thrilling announcement of all the winners!

If you’d like to enter, you have until November 13. Read the rules and apply here.

Immediately after Contest

Closing Ceremonies

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

A thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored, and attended!

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